Poetry kit!

Recently bought this amazing kit!! Have been playing around with it over the past few days, and for such a little slip-in-your-bag thing, it’s certainly a remarkable tool to compose with. Combine it with a whiteboard, to fill in the missing words, and it’s a treasure throve. I once wrote that I loved language because of the sheer fun of experimenting with words, and the pleasurable thrill when they fit together with a little hop and a skip, and come to life with cadences of their own. Isn’t poetry naught but the prettiest, quirkiest, and sincerest capture of whatever it is that strikes your fancy?

In my free time I almost always want to write, but words do sometimes get half-buried in a head reeling with code and facts… and you know how they can be downright sneaky little buggers to unearth and coax out of hiding. Well, there are words here for you, ranging from the strange and silly (sorry, ‘sausage’, but you come to mind) to proper gems. And even modifiers! So far I’ve been pulling out words to suit my fancy, and cheerfully chucking in words I stumble upon serendipitously (another perk!), which I think may fit. But I do potentially want to experiment with some closed-eyes poetry – picking out a few words randomly and shaping them into a narrative.

Infinite combinations abound in this sleek chrome box.

Fancy joining in a game of blind poetry, anyone?




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